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On a Belvoir branded build every part of the job is done inhouse, no shortcuts are taken or expense spared to match choice exotic hardwoods using time tested methods with state of the art hardware from renowned manufacturers like Grover, Kluson, Faber, Gotoh, Schaller & Tone-Pros together with pickups from Bareknuckle, Seymour Duncan & Gibson, CTS pots and former Eastern block PIO capacitors to equal anything that left the American factories in the glory days of the late 1950's

The current limited run of Belvoir '59 influenced LP builds feature 60 year old Brazilian mahogany bodies, North American bookmatched flame maple hand carved tops, mahogany 17° scarf jointed necks with Indian or Madagascan ebony or Bois d'Rose fretboards inlaid with abalone or mother of pearl - sprayed just like the 50's classics using nitro cellulose laquer giving a glass like finish that breathes

A Belvoir instrument is handcrafted art

Beautiful Instruments
Handcrafted in Norfolk, UK
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