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Soundhole Mounted Belmuse 4 String Boutique Handwound Humbucker Pickup Mando Uke

Soundhole Mounted Belmuse 4 String Boutique Handwound Humbucker Pickup Mando Uke



Belmuse Boutique Handwound Pickups are manufactured here inhouse on a one by one basis, feature individually adjustable pole pieces and are finished with hardwood bobbin tops. Neodynium magnets are used to fine tune the output of each string for perfect even balance & dynamics across all strings.


Our soundhole mount pickups are designed for a non-invasive mount into the soundhole of your treasured instrument with no drilling into the soundboard required.  Simply solder our pickup to an end-pin jack socket (not supplied) and your're good to go.


Mounting Instructional Video Click Here


Pole pieces can be individually adjusted to follow your string radius and the pickup height can be adjusted using the height adjustment screws. 


For fitting, we include 2 pairs of shims that can be slotted in to bring the pickup up to the desired height. No drilling required to mount the pickup.

Supplied with 30cm of 2 core wire, each pickup comes boxed with a one year warranty & a numbered handsigned certificate of authenticity.


Please let us know when ordering the size of your soundhole.


The prototype pictured is for a 74mm opening but we can manufacture to suit a range of sizes.


A Phillips screwdriver is all thats required for fitting the pickup - no drilling & the wires will need to be soldered to an end-pin jack socket (not suppplied).

Please check your requirements before ordering as mistakes cannot be rectified once dispatched.


  • Available with a choice of pole piece (string) spacings
  • Available with darkwood or lightwood bobbin tops


Select options from the dropdown menus


We can also build to other sizes, please contact us with your requirements.


  • Please allow up to one week for manufacture. 
  • All pickup orders, domestic and international will be dispatched Royal Mail, fully insured and tracked door to door.


If in any doubt of your abilities, please consult a professional for installation as we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to either the pickup or your instrument during fitting. 
Should damage occur, returns cannot be accepted nor any refunds given. 
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