Developed in partnership with luthier Tom Morici of Moongazer Music as an option in his "Mojolin" and "Deja Vu" kits, the MG 4 and 5 string pickups feature 4 wire conductors for coil tapping, shellac coated windings to reduce microphonics and a D.C. resistance of 8 kOhms (7.6 kOhms for the MG5N neck pickup).


Pole piece spacing is 10.5mm on the 5 string bridge version, 10mm on the 5 string neck version and 11mm on the 4 string model and these pickups are ideal in a mid position single humbucker application.

The "Moongazer 4"

  • All humbuckers are supplied with springs and mounting screws and the price includes worldwide postage & packing.

    If a surround ring is required, please include a note with the order and state colour preference.

    Please read Store Policy before purchase.

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