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Guitar Build Reviews
David Hopson June 2018 
David Hopson Belvoir GuitarsTele Build

I commissioned a modern style Tele from Clive and I couldn't have been have been happier with the whole process!

From wood choice and design to build and finish I felt an integral part of the process. I even visited during a spray day and got to be in the booth and offer my expert opinion on shade and burst layers.

Every idea I had discussed and ones ones employed and the lesser ideas tactfully pointed out as stupid, lol!

I have a guitar... The leftie Tele visible on the page, that is CS/Master Built or Suhr quality at a more reasonable price and also the process and input was invaluable.

I have not only found a great luthier and repair guy but also a good mate.


Highly recommended.

Sean Rowley August 2020
Sean Rowley Belvoir Guitars XPL Build

Having had trouble sourcing an extremely rare shape guitar that was manufactured for less than 2 years in the mid 80's and not being overly keen with some aspects of the model, the sensible thing was to have something built.

Having had an unusual shaped build from Clive in the past as well as his general knowledge of older models and old school techniques he was the obvious choice.


The end product was a piece that would pass as something of that generation with a flawless full binding including nibwork on the frets along with some modern touches like a deep belly carve and some fancy wood pattern work on the heel of the neck, theres really not much of a limit to what Clive can do if you ask him!

Sean Rowley December 2019
Sean Rowley Belvoir Guitars Bastet Build

My second commission from Clive at Belvoir Guitars which was the same shape as my first, but with a few characteristic changes, even without a template to work off the shape and size was completely consistent to the first.

Clive takes it on himself to add some nice touches you don't see with other builders much these days, such as a volute which really gave it a nice touch, there was a lot of graphic work and airbrushing for the artwork on this model and went to careful effort to even have the decal on the pickup and the surrounding ring that tied in with the use of the nitro paint gives the guitar a brilliant aesthetic and with Clives extra touches it was again better than I was hoping for


Thanks again!

Steve Shelton Sept 2018
Steve Shelton Belvoir Guitars Guitarist Magazine

It's been close to a year from concept to completion but I am now the proud owner of the best guitar in the world! I can't word my praise and gratitude enough to Clive for the amazing patience, skill, expertise and enthusiasm as the maestro luthier at Belvoir Guitars who created this (well without sounding a tad creepy and a bit gay) but I'm sure I'll be forever indebted to him for the joy and fun this masterpiece is going to give me for years to come.

Right, that said and done I'm going to have to have a long and self indulgent play on it and start working on how to show it off via a video, although I'm slightly worried I might not be worthy!

Akiva Hoffman November 2016
Akiva Hoffman Belvoir Guitars Neck Build

If I could leave a 10 star rating for Belvoir Guitars, I would. The entire process from choosing the wood, to the shape of the headstock, to colour of dye was a true experience.

Clive kept me involved through video chat updates as well as frequent picture updates.

Upon receiving the final product we created, I was honestly BLOWN AWAY by his attention to detail and highly skilled craftsmanship. I look forward to doing plenty more business together in the future. It was a pleasure this time around, keep up the incredible work !!!

Tim Godden August 2017
Tim Godden Belvoir Guitars Bubinga LP Build

Clive built a Les Paul for me to match an existing Almuse mandolin. He was just fantastic - involving me in every step of the build process and helping out with advice and experience when some of the decisions were complex.

The quality of the finished instrument is just amazing. Most importantly it's the guitar that I always want to pick up and play.

These are such special instruments that I have no hesitation recommending Clive and Belvoir Guitars. I will be having another when I've saved up!!

Sean Rowley May 2018
Sean Rowley Belvoir Guitars Bastet Build

After having some previous guitar finishes which I was super happy with from Belvoir Guitars I had decided to put in a quote for a full build. I was amazed that the pricing was not far over the mark of a higher end Jackson model that I was trying to replicate considering it would be completely hand built and the woods would be exotic with a lovely poplar burl cap, it was completely different from Clives normal style guitar but he was completely confident in his ability and 'no' was not in the vocabulary

The finished product blew me away and it was more than I was hoping for, the painting on the bevels was another level, its hairline where the bevel reaches the top of the v which is normally written off on the jackson but he went to the effort to mask carefully and go the extra length with it

The finished product was lighter than the comparison but at fuller sounding with the same bass woods and the profile of the neck was precise to what I asked for

Thanks again!

Wayne Harman

Simply the best work money can buy!!!

Admin: Electric Guitar Builders Resource. Facebook, 2019

John Howard June 2020
John Howard Belvoir Guitars LP 59 Replica

1959 Replica LP.

Earlier this year Clive undertook a project involving replicating a Gibson LP from the golden era. Everything used in the build process was as near to materials back in the day as possible , as you can see from the pictures is as near as dam it to an Original!

Can't recommend Clive & Belvior Guitars highly enough, 5 Star !!!

Steve Shelton May 2017

Clive is master at attention to detail and every aspect of ways to get his guitar better gets looked at, it's in all the components he uses, components that the big brands often cut corners on. He is also a fabulous guitar player so the tone is always paramount with choice woods, frets, electrics and pickups.

This is stuff you just don't get from mainstream manufacturers especially as he can build to your requirements.

I have a 1970 Gibson LP Deluxe; it's my baby and I love it...however I couldn't believe when I tried out some of Belvoir Guitars LP's...they felt/played even better than mine - that has never happened to me before or since... I want one! My next guitar will be a Belvoir Guitar without doubt!  :-)

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