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Guitar Repair Reviews
Ian Shellard 1964 Gibson ES335

Clive replaced a badly-fitted 1970's micro adjuster bridge and tailpiece on my 1964 ES33TD with a period correct ABR-1 and tailpiece. The quality of his workmanship and, above all, his incredible attention to detail, are exceptional.

The plugging of the old "Nashville-style" stud holes is all but invisible and he put huge effort into positioning the bridge in such a way that the intonation is perfect all the way up the neck with plenty of bridge fine tuning still available. A wonderful job at a very reasonable price.

Rocky Newton Overwater Bass
Rocky Newton Overwater Bass

Rocky had taken his iconic red, white and blue Overwater bass to a renowned London shop to trace a wiring fault. Although it appeared to be fixed there was a low but constant drain on the battery.  


Basic stuff and although not a difficult fix for us - it made a huge difference.

“I can thoroughly recommend Belvoir Guitars!" Rocky Newton 2020

Wayne Harman

Simply the best work money can buy!!!

Admin: Electric Guitar Builders Resource, Facebook 2019

Robin Licker 1996 Gibson SG
Robin Licker 96 Gibson SG Headstock Repair

Robin's '96 SG had been repaired and failed 4 times before he bought the headstock repair to us. With a combination of inserted splines and a backstrap she is now back to her former glory!

"And she still plays like a dream. Recorded a new album that year and we have been gigging nearly every weekend including Rebellion festival, Boomtown Festival plus checking her in on flights to Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, France and Italy.

I can't thank you enough for bringing my favourite SG Special back from retirement!"

Robin Licker, London , England.  2019

Nick Fenton Gibson LP

Stunning work, utterly stunning!

The Belvoir Strat I played is incredible. The guitar just pours out the love that was obviously put into it during its build. The guitar is utterly incredible. I mean, I love Strats, I own many. My custom shop Strat dosn't compare.

That aside though, just testament to the standard of the instruments built by Belvoir. My guitar was repaired by Belvoir - the dreaded Les Paul headstock break.

Communication has been excellent throughout. I've been informed regularly of the guitars status during its settling in period. The price was indeed right. And the speed of the repair was incredible too.

All in all, I'm one very happy chappy.

Paul Kear Ibanez RG

My tone has improved significantly on my 2004 Ibanez RG1550. What comes as factory standard on most guitars is usually mod-able for the better. Enter Clive from Belvoir Guitars, a pair pf DiMarzio PAF Pros and a proper wiring job with upgraded pots, wire and caps.


Clive genuinely cares about doing things right unlike a number of other techs operating out of local guitar shops who have done less than satisfactory jobs for friends of mine recently. Great job Clive, thank you.

John Noakes Gibson R9
Gibson R9

I entrusted Clive to service , modify, and upgrade my 10 year old Les Paul R9 in January 2019.

He did a fantastic job, treated the guitar with the utmost care like it was his own and completed the work on time with perfect craftsmanship.

Highly recommended.

Chris Flint Fylde Orsino

Having now played the Fylde a few times in the last couple of weeks, many thanks for the excellent work you did in replacing the bridge and a new compensated brass saddle.

I find the sustain is increased.

I think the rosewood you used was denser than the original.

Also, the brass saddle is consistently better made than mine.

All of the above have created the improvement.

In my opinion, the parlour us definitely better to tune than it was - so another success!

Steve Shelton 1970 Gibson LP Deluxe
1970 LP Deluxe

"Hi Clive, just to say had a great trash on the Les Paul yesterday and I think it plays as well as it has ever done, absolute dream!


Thank you for that, you did a really great job and turned it around in a day for me to collect as well; thank you.

Did you say you did a little work on the nut at the top of the neck too? Anyway best set up I've ever had for it"

John Howard
John Howard

Gibson LP Standard , Gibson Custom , Gibson BB 1981 Custom , USA B C Rich Vintage Bich & Washburn PS 2000 . Over the past 6 years or so Clive & Belvior Guitars have performed several repairs / services to my small flock of guitars , including : fret level & crown , complete re wire & bridge re position , fabrication of a brass nut & replacing faulty pots and wiring .


All done to the highest of standards & at reasonable prices on a realistic time scale ! I wouldn't let any one else work on my guitars even though it's a 200 mile round trip for me !


John Howard August 2020

Tracey Abbott Ibanez RG

Clive rewired my 1996 Ibanez RG550 which was in need of a little TLC as it had lost it's balls!!!  Clive fitted a new 5 way Oak Grigsby selector switch and a 400V 0.022 PIO cap and reconfigured to Gibson 50's wiring.


All this techno shit is beyond me alas, but the beast is reborn!

Cheers mate

Rob McCarthy

Just wanted to recommend the work and advice provided by Clive at Belvoir Guitars.

Rebuilt and secured bridge, lowered the slots on the nut and levelled & dressed the frets on my Tanglewood 12 string.

Superb work, clean and precise. Will definitely be taking my other guitars to him for maintenance and upgrade. Maybe even have a new build from him.

Thanks Clive

Steve Shelton

Clive is master at attention to detail and every aspect of ways to get his guitar better gets looked at, it's in all the components he uses, components that the big brands often cut corners on. He is also a fabulous guitar player so the tone is always paramount with choice woods, frets, electrics and pickups.

This is stuff you just don't get from mainstream manufacturers especially as he can build to your requirements.

I have a 1970 Gibson LP Deluxe; it's my baby and I love it...however I couldn't believe when I tried out some of Belvoir Guitars LP's...they felt/played even better than mine - that has never happened to me before or since... I want one! My next guitar will be a Belvoir Guitar without doubt!  :-)

Guitar Refinish Reviews
Sean Rowley Ravelle Refin
Sean Rowley Fernandes Ravelle Bullseye Nitro Refin

I can't rate Clive highly enough, just had a Fernandes Ravelle refinished in matt orange with a bullseye and the job is phenomenal & the attention to detail is outstanding.

Clive's communication is second to none and he keeps you posted all the time, already having my second job done! Cheers again :-)

Phil Currie 1991 ESP
Phil Currie 1991 ESP Nitro Refin

My 1991 ESP was pretty much ready for the skip but thanks to Belvoir Guitars, it has now been skilfully restored and plays like a new guitar!   Belvoir Guitars did an amazing job on a challenging project. The craftsmanship, communication and service was first class which made it a highly enjoyable experience. I highly recommend Belvoir Guitars and will definitely use them again for restoration work, maintenance and new guitar build. Thanks again!

Sean Rowley Jackson Bullseye Refin
Sean Rowley Jacson Demmelition Bullseye Nitro Refin

I decided to come to Belvoir Guitars for a refinish for my Jackson Demmelition which would feature a Zakk Wylde bullseye with an entire refinish including the neck, and to take care of some dinks the guitar had inherited.


I had decided to also eliminate the pickup covers and body mount the pickups thinking there would be some visible trace of the existing holes, I was amazed that the holes and drinks had been completely eliminated and even after months there was not a trace of them.

The entire refinish was consistent all over and with some meticulous attention to the inner groves and the points it looked that something that had come straight out the jackson custom workshop

Thanks again!

Leigh Edwards Jimmy Page Dragon Tele
Leigh Edwards Page Dragon Tele Artwork
70's Fender Strat Burst Refin


1970's Strat Nitro Refin

We restored this early 70's Strat back to its former glory with a period correct 3 colour nitro burst refin.

John Selby Fender Strat Refin
Strat Nitro Refin

Thanks Clive, you have done an absolutely outstanding job of refinishing my 50's Strat in azure blue nitro

Thank you and highly recommended.

Rocky Newton 1974 Fender Precision Bass
Rocky Newton 1974 Fender Precision Bass Nitro Refin

"Clive completely refinished my 1974 Precison Bass in a Fiesta Red nitro. 

Am delighted with the job. I can thoroughly recommend Belvoir Guitars" Rocky Newton 2020

1970 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Nitro Refin
Gibson 1970 Deluxe Nitro Refin

Refretted & replaced fingerboard binding to restore the nibs.

Carved a deeper dish into the top & replaced a damaged Gibson HS logo. 

We used non-plasticised nitro lacquer along with an ageing process to re-create the period correct checking.

Gibson LP 1969 Nitro Refin
Edwards Explorer Nitro Refin


Edwards Explorer Nitro Refin
Martin OM-42 Nitro Refin


Martin OM-42 Nitro Refin
V Zebra Refin
Zebra Custom Paint
Zebra Custom Paint

Chris did an amazing paint job on this guitar for my son, it looks even better in real life than in the photos, we will be using chris in the future for any more projects, he's very talented luthier. highly recommended.   Donna J. Turner Nov 2020

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