Belmuse DC8 'Oak'

Electric mandolins are tough to buy. They are uncommon, so they are either cheap and cheerful or made by individual luthiers and you need to take the plunge and trust them. After looking at every builder listed on both mandolin cafe and emando.com I came upon Belmuse and decided to contact them. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

Over the decades of playing guitar and mandolin, I have been blessed with the opportunity to play most of the major brands at many of their various quality levels. My Belmuse DC-8 has the same quality of workmanship that I would look for in a custom shop instrument from a major player in the guitar world. The fit, finish and playability are all 10/10. I would put the playability on the same level as the best big name acoustic mandolins.

I have been playing "Little Mikey" both clean and distorted and it sounds much like my P90 Gibson Les Paul but clearer and more open.


The harmonic content is fantastic and there is enough treble to play a traditional mandolin rhythm role without the tone ever becoming piercing. The tone control behaves much like a Tele, providing many different usable sounds rather than just cutting off the top. The volume knob is effective at controlling the amp. If you love electric guitars like I do then these mandolins are also fantastic eye candy and have a great vibe.

The service at Belmuse was second to none and allayed any initial concerns I might have had about choosing a luthier. These guys live up to their reputations and if you are looking for a professional quality electric mandolin I would not hesitate to contact them.

Paul Cowan

Toronto, Canada

March 2020

Belmuse LP8 #2


"Good morning gentlemen, I just received the beauty and am most impressed.  What an admirable product of art!


Surely the best instrument I have played so far. Plays like a charm and sounds unbelievably. Thank you for your excellent work.

I expected manual labour to result in at least some glitches (and would have been quite happy with that) but whenever I hold the mando I think to myself: flawless.

A thing that also impresses me is the mass of the instrument (my SG seems to be lighter) which gives a sustain beyond imagination.

What I wanted was sound and I must say, I got more than one could ask for. The two pickups perfectly join in sound. 

I mostly use the middle position, which gives just the right sound, in my opinion. Thank you both again for your craftsmanship.

Best, Jens"

Jens Schmidt

Berlin, Germany

18 Dec 2019

Belmuse Vintage Strat 4

"Well it’s been about 24 hours since my pale white Stratolin got here. I really can’t say enough good things about it. Tremendous sustain. Wonderful tones. I can’t wait to take it to band practice.


Honestly it’s made my amp incredibly happy. It romps around the room like a big black Labrador that Finally has a playmate.  


Thanks to everyone who had a hand in creating my new favorite thing. Pints of Bitter for everyone when I’m in town next time.


It’s wonderful the work you’re doing in your shop over there. These mandolins are no guitars second fiddle.


God I hope I get to go through this whole process again and again. And again and again and again"


Bill Sparboe

Illinois, USA

May 2020


Belmuse Cherry 4 Turquoise

"Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how delighted I am with my new toy! It’s a joy to play and sounds great, big step up from the Chinese Mandocaster I’d had previously.


I’ll definitely be back for an 8-string once funds allow!

Thanks for everything.


All the best



London, UK

July 2020


Belmuse Vintage Strat 4

"I wanted to let you know the mandolin has already arrived.  I'm really impressed with the obvious quality put into the build.  I'm pleased and proud to be the owner of such a fine example of your work.  I know I'll treasure it for years to come.   


Best regards, Keith"

Keith Wilson

Boones Mill



22 April 2020


Belmuse LP8 #1


"Hi, Clive. I am very happy to have this instrument in my hands. 


As soon as I could plug the mandolin into an amp, I played it until dawn. She's fantastic! It weighs a ton, has a crazy sustain, the hardware is very pleasant, the key is perfectly fluid, all this gives it a very warm sound while it is a very high-pitched instrument at the base.

I said to myself, "Clive & Pete - What a crazy duo!". And when I read your information I realised, "They're even crazier than I thought! »

I've been playing mandolin for a long time, but I'm French. And you know as well as I do that we make wine better than guitars or mandolins.

I continue to get to know our "child". It will be my professional mandolin thanks to which I will build my new show. Then you'll see it everywhere. Thank you very much for all this information and advice. The only thing that's not done right is the emoji behind the business card!!^^^"

Mandoliiiiine !!!


Provence, France
Le 23 oct. 2019


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