Belmuse LP8 #1


"Hi, Clive. I am very happy to have this instrument in my hands. 


As soon as I could plug the mandolin into an amp, I played it until dawn. She's fantastic! It weighs a ton, has a crazy sustain, the hardware is very pleasant, the key is perfectly fluid, all this gives it a very warm sound while it is a very high-pitched instrument at the base.

I said to myself, "Clive & Pete - What a crazy duo!". And when I read your information I realised, "They're even crazier than I thought! »

I've been playing mandolin for a long time, but I'm French. And you know as well as I do that we make wine better than guitars or mandolins.

I continue to get to know our "child". It will be my professional mandolin thanks to which I will build my new show. Then you'll see it everywhere. Thank you very much for all this information and advice. The only thing that's not done right is the emoji behind the business card!!^^^"

Mandoliiiiine !!!


Provence, France
Le 23 oct. 2019


Steve Shelton Sept 2018

It's been close to a year from concept to completion but I am now the proud owner of the best guitar in the world! I can't word my praise and gratitude enough to Clive for the amazing patience, skill, expertise and enthusiasm as the maestro luthier at Belvoir Guitars who created this (well without sounding a tad creepy and a bit gay) but I'm sure I'll be forever indebted to him for the joy and fun this masterpiece is going to give me for years to come.

Right, that said and done I'm going to have to have a long and self indulgent play on it and start working on how to show it off via a video, although I'm slightly worried I might not be worthy!

See a full video demo here


Robin Licker

Robin's '96 SG had been repaired and failed 4 times before he bought the headstock repair to us. With a combination of inserted splines and a backstrap she is now back to her former glory!

"And she still plays like a dream. Recorded a new album that year and we have been gigging nearly every weekend including Rebellion festival, Boomtown Festival plus checking her in on flights to Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, France and Italy.

can't thank you enough for bringing my favourite SG Special back from retirement!"

Robin Licker, London , England.  2019


John Noakes

I entrusted Clive to service , modify, and upgrade my 10 year old Les Paul R9 in January 2019.

He did a fantastic job, treated the guitar with the utmost care like it was his own and completed the work on time with perfect craftsmanship.

Highly recommended.