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"Good morning gentlemen, I just received the beauty and am most impressed.  What an admirable product of art!


Surely the best instrument I have played so far. Plays like a charm and sounds unbelievably. Thank you for your excellent work.

I expected manual labour to result in at least some glitches (and would have been quite happy with that) but whenever I hold the mando I think to myself: flawless.

A thing that also impresses me is the mass of the instrument (my SG seems to be lighter) which gives a sustain beyond imagination.

What I wanted was sound and I must say, I got more than one could ask for. The two pickups perfectly join in sound. 

I mostly use the middle position, which gives just the right sound, in my opinion. Thank you both again for your craftsmanship.

Best, Jens"

Jens Schmidt

Berlin, Germany

18 Dec 2019

"Hi, Clive. I am very happy to have this instrument in my hands. 


As soon as I could plug the mandolin into an amp, I played it until dawn. She's fantastic! It weighs a ton, has a crazy sustain, the hardware is very pleasant, the key is perfectly fluid, all this gives it a very warm sound while it is a very high-pitched instrument at the base.

I said to myself, "Clive & Pete - What a crazy duo!". And when I read your information I realised, "They're even crazier than I thought! »

I've been playing mandolin for a long time, but I'm French. And you know as well as I do that we make wine better than guitars or mandolins.

I continue to get to know our "child". It will be my professional mandolin thanks to which I will build my new show. Then you'll see it everywhere. Thank you very much for all this information and advice. The only thing that's not done right is the emoji behind the business card!!^^^"

Mandoliiiiine !!!


Provence, France
Le 23 oct. 2019