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BC Rich inspired 10 Electric Mandolin Solid Body eMando

BC Rich inspired 10 Electric Mandolin Solid Body eMando


Available now to pre-order

BC Rich inspired 10 string featuring neck through sapele construction and 2 coil tapped humbuckers. 


All our 4 & 8 string eMandos feature a truss rod, radiused fingerboard, 2mm width fretwire, 13 7/8" scale length, standard 28mm (1 1/8") handcut bone nuts, nitro paint and come with intonation fully-set and low string action.

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Luthier Built & Handcrafted

Every aspect of this investment grade solid body electric mandolin has been hand crafted inhouse at our rural workshop outside Downham Market in Norfolk, England.  The selection of tonewoods, the neckcarve, fret pressing, levelling and dressing, inlaying, slotting the bone nut, our unique nickel plated TOM bridges, the nitro cellulose spraying, polishing, wiring, our own custom wound pickups and on to the final setup & testing - each instrument is completely individual.  Every build includes a part of me.

  • Available to pre order now

  • Custom Nut Width

    Do you struggle with the standard 1 1/8" (28.5mm) nut width?

    On a custom order we can build to your chosen width.
    Please contact us for more details

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