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EM200 8 String Electric Mandolin Solid Body eMando

EM200 8 String Electric Mandolin Solid Body eMando

£1,995.00 Regular Price
£1,795.50Sale Price

Masterbuilt Series

Model Pictured Available for Immediate Delivery

Belmuse EM200 style 8 String

Mahogany body

Maple neck

Set Neck Design

Rosewood Fingerboard with Mother Of Pearl dot markers

Fingerboard binding with nibs

Holly headstock fascia

Quilted mahogany bookmatched top

Traditional tailpiece

Fully Adjustable Almuse TOM bridge

Almuse P90 pickup designed & handwound exclusively for our EM range by Pete Mallinson

NOS PIO capacitor

Non plastised nitro laquer

Hot hide glue neck and fingerboard joints

Lightly aged with authentic weather checking

Weight: 2.7kg

Build Number: 30


Currently our flagship model, the EM is styled around the classic late 50's 24-fret design; however, we have chosen to use a maple neck for additional strength, whilst maintaining the warmth of a mahogany body and bookmatched quilted mahogany cap.


All our 4 & 8 string eMandos feature a truss rod, radiused fingerboard, 2mm width fretwire, 13 7/8" scale length, standard 28mm (1 1/8") handcut bone nuts, nitro paint and come with intonation fully-set and low string action.

All prices plus shipping.


Luthier Built & Handcrafted

Every aspect of this investment grade solid body electric mandolin has been hand crafted inhouse at our rural workshop outside Downham Market in Norfolk, England.  The selection of tonewoods, the top carve, the neckcarve, fret pressing, levelling and dressing, inlaying, slotting the bone nut, our unique nickel plated TOM bridges, the nitro cellulose spraying, polishing, wiring, our own custom wound pickups and on to the final setup & testing - each instrument is completely individual.  Every build includes a part of me.

SKU: 1030-MDN-EM200
  • Construction Information

    The larger of the two headstock scrolls has been reinforced with a steel insert beneath the holly wood facia, to minimise chances of lateral breakage .


    We have however, improved upon the classic design by adding a nickel-plated TOM style bridge with individually adjustable saddles, built in-house, whilst still using the traditional wrap-over tailpiece.


    In true vintage fashion, the finish is applied using a non-plastisiced nitro-cellulose laquer which, during our aging process, checks authentically to replicate a genuine 50's era instrument, whilst continuing to allow the woods to breathe.


    Overall body thickness at perimeter is 2" (50mm)

  • Electrics

    Electrics feature single volume and tone controls using Alpha pots with a NOS PIO tone capacitor within a fully copper-shielded cavity.


    The P90 pickup has been designed exclusively for our EM range by Pete Mallinson.

  • Authentic Weather Checking

    Because we use nitro cellulose lacquer without a plasicising agent on our vintage inspired models, we can produce 100% authentic ‘cold checking’ that doesn’t just look real, but is real. When exposed to extreme temperatures, the air and moisture content in the wood causes it to expand and contract.  This cracks the extremely thin and brittle layer of finish on the surface, resulting in the very fine ‘checking’ seen on almost all vintage instruments.

    Our lacquer cures extremely quickly which means you get an old looking finish without 50 to 60 years of waiting. It also makes our finishes very hard and brittle, allowing for zero damping of the instrument’s natural resonance.

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