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Tom Baker , Oregon, USA

Belmuse EM190-8 Flame, Almuse Double Neck 8/8 Regular & 20" Scale, Belmuse 20" Scale Mandola 8 String Tripper.

Huge Thanks to Chris,

I’ve been enjoying and loving my double-neck (Gretel) for the past year : ) Happy to say that her two new sisters arrived safe and sound…. The EM-190 respectfully known as (Peaches) sounds and plays amazing!! and the Octave Mando respectfully known as (Prudence) is an incredible instrument with lots of picking range and plays nice with scorching amp volumes. I play Hard Rock Classic’s with NO Guitars and these are great additions to my tone and sound… Can’t wait to order my next one !!!!!

Cheers Chris,

You are the Man

Tom Baker, Molalla, Oregon, USA

March 2023

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